A/C Spring Tune-up Tips

A/C Spring Tune-up Tips

As spring weather quickly approaches, it’s very important to make sure your A/C is working properly so that it can do it’s job during those hot summer months. Not only do you want your A/C working at its best to be able to cool your home, but an efficient running A/C can drastically cut your energy bills! Below you’ll find a few tips for getting your air conditioner ready for summer.

  1. Clean or change the filter once a month. This is the MOST IMPORTANT part! Over half of our service calls in the summer are due to clogged or dirty filters. Most furnaces have a disposable paper, mesh, or pleated filters which need to be replaced periodically. Every 60-90 days in the winter is recommended, but in the dry and dusty summer months you should replace them every 30 days. If your A/C is operating through dirty and dusty filters, it’s working hard to cool your home in an efficient manner and can cause freezing up on the indoor coil.

A/C Spring Tune Ups - Air Filters

  1. Keep your outdoor unit clean. The outdoor unit should always be free of anything blocking the equipment. Making sure there’s no plant growth, debris, or grass clippings around the unit is also very important. Keeping your outdoor unit clean will reduce resistance, therefore boosting your air conditioner’s efficiency.
  1. Clean indoor ductwork. Although a full cleaning of your ductwork should be done by a professional, you can keep parts of your ductwork clean and dry by removing registers and inspecting and wiping the visible parts of the ducts. You can also inspects these parts of the ducts for wear or water damage. Making sure your return air grills are clean and unobstructed is also very important: if an insufficient amount of air returns to your furnace it can cause freezing issues and reduced efficiency.
  1. Schedule a pre-season tune-up by a professional! Licensed professionals have the right tools and know-how to unclog, fix, or upgrade your system, and keep it running efficiently. A seasonal tune-up is a great investment that can prolong the life of your air conditioner.

If you have any questions regarding the above tips, feel free to contact us at (509) 892-5300, or visit our website. Schedule your pre-season A/C tune-up to keep your home comfortable this summer! Contact us today!