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Smart Thermostats Are A Smart Idea

With all the buzz about connected, or smart, homes Wi-Fi thermostats have been getting plenty of attention from manufacturers and homeowners. We think they’re a great idea for a couple of reasons. The major benefit is convenience. With remote access to your heating and cooling system your home will be comfortable at precisely the right time. If you’re out of town and forget to adjust the thermostat before leaving, it’s easily adjusted when you’re away and can be returned to normal just before returning home. Plus, it can alert you to system problems in your absence. The other benefit is cost savings. Many thermostats now offer an energy conservation analysis. One study showed a saving of 20% is possible. Several models will respond to your daily activity and adjust the temperature accordingly. There are a number of factors to consider including price and compatibility. We carry and install several brands and will be happy to help you upgrade your home to a smart...

The Hottest Product on the Market

While they’re not exactly new, one of the latest innovations in the heating and cooling industry is ductless systems. In the last couple of years, we’ve seen a significant increase in demand from our customers. And there’s good reason for that! As the name suggests, ductless systems can be installed anywhere regardless of whether ducts are present or not. If you have a recent home addition that needs heating or cooling, ductless provides you an easy solution. The same applies to basements and other spaces that don’t need, or don’t receive, the same air flow as other areas in your home. We can make almost any space more comfortable. The latest developments in ductless are not only functional but also aesthetic. With mounting options available for ceiling, high on a wall or close to the floor, the sleek styling will allow you to add comfort and personality to any space. We highly recommend Bryant ductless systems due to their proven reliability. Talk with us today about the many options...

When is the Right Time to Replace Your Furnace

We are often asked about furnace replacement, specifically, “how do I know when it’s time?” The question has two important elements: Cost of a new furnace vs. cost of furnace repairs and the lifetime of a furnace. Here is what we recommend: Have a furnace inspection and test performed annually. If your furnace is over 12 years old, its lifespan is getting short and repairs over $500 generally are an indication that’s it’s time for replacement. If a major component is failing on an older furnace, replacement is recommended. Generally, you can count on a furnace depreciating about $300 per year. Factoring $25 into your monthly budget will make the expense easier to manage when replacement becomes necessary. If your furnace hasn’t been inspected or tested this season, call us...

What’s different about our Annual Pre Season Service

Many companies have a Pre Season service package but they all vary in scope and price. It’s important you know what you’re getting. Here’s why we believe ours is the best way to go. We perform a complete 18 point service check. That’s more extensive than most companies do. We’ll give you a fair and honest written assessment of the condition of your furnace. We’ll be there about an hour. We’ll take our time to perform a complete check and answer your questions. We won’t rush and we won’t pressure you. If we do find a problem, most of the diagnostic work has already been done, saving you money and time in the long run. Contact us today to schedule your...

Why You Need An Annual Furnace Inspection

We recommend you have one performed on your furnace, no matter how old it is. Here’s why: If you have a new furnace, the warranty requires it to remain in effect. We perform all warranty work on Bryant and most other brands. On an older furnace, a pre-season tune up will extend the life furnace. With rising utility rates, the increased efficiency will pay back the service cost in a short period of time. Correcting a simple problem pre-season will likely prevent a more serious and expensive problem during the winter- when you least want to lose your heat. Contact us today to schedule your...
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Staying Cool By Checking Your AC

With the first hot days of summer coming up, it is important to make sure your air conditioner is working optimally. Spending a little time checking on your AC will not only help you stay cool, but also save you money on electric bills. Follow these few tips to help you stay cool this summer. Remove Any Cover Is your AC unit outside? Many households own AC units that reside outside, meaning they cover them in the winter months to keep snow off and forget to remove the cover in the spring. This cover needs to come off when the machine is in use, as extra weight on the machine will cause strain and a loss in efficiency. In fact, any obstruction should be cleared away from the AC. With outside units, this means sticks, bushes or dirt getting in the way of the ventilation. Simply clearing the way will help the unit operate more efficiently. Replace the Filter Every AC unit, whether outdoors or indoors, has a filter. Each day these filters pick up more debris than you would imagine. Extra debris in the filter will eventually cause the filter to tear, releasing debris into the system causing the machine to work less efficiently. Experts recommend that a filter should be changed monthly in peak seasons. Contact The Barton Boys with any questions on how to replace your AC filter. Clean the Inside The inside of the AC unit should not be neglected. Simply using a soft brush or vacuum on the inside of the unit will help the unit stay in good shape. The water pan is...
Roger Pearson
17:07 11 Sep 18
Gary came out for a preventive annual maintenance on my furnace. He was very thorough and kind enough to explain the system while doing his work.I would highly recommend Barton Boys company and Gary for representing the company so well. Thank You Again Roger
Bryan Gorr
22:22 30 Apr 18
Gary came out and worked on our AC unit that's 24 years old. I figured that it would need to be replaced. Gary was very honest and only replaced what was needed to get our unit back up and running. He also took the time to go through the system with me and explain how to properly set it up for optimum performance. Thanks for the honest work. Bryan
Gary Towner
03:07 19 Jan 18
They do quality work in a timely manner. I would recommend them to my friends and family anytime
Branden Wyatt
18:48 20 Nov 17
I would not recommend anybody use these guys. We switched to a gas furnace, and had Barton boys install it. They started in September, but it didn't get fully installed until the middle of October. Then the guy says he'll meet the inspector, i get a text that the inspector is oon his way, and i need to go home to meet him. After the inspector, i call the office to have them come finish and turn it on, as i was told to do. 6 pm some guy comes with a pissed off attitude, get mouthy with my 10 yr old daughter. His way of hooking up my furnace, its to strip the wires and shove them in a extension cord. Really?! He tells me, the electricians will be outwith within a week. The next day my heater don't work. He didn't tape it or anything. Its now November, i call to see when they electricians will be out. 1 st he says that The electricians keep putting them off. Then, the owner thinks it's funny that the salesman forgot to call the electricians. He's out on vacation. Overall a bad company that don't care, even if you are spending allot of money!
david lee
20:44 18 Sep 17
Work was part of an Avista Rebate program. Everything went just as described in the contracts. Don't have anything to compare it with but from point of view (home owner conversion) everything was perfect. Thanks for a great job.
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