The Importance of Fall Furnace Maintenance

The Importance of Fall Furnace Maintenance

Fall furnace maintenance is a vital part to the health and longevity of your home heating system.

October is here and thoughts turn from beaches and waterparks to football and Halloween. But they should also turn to your regular furnace maintenance!

Just like your car needs an oil change, your furnace needs a little tune up to clean vital components and check critical electrical parts to ensure you are not left out in the cold this winter. Replacing your filter is a great start, but there are many other parts that need some attention as well. Whether your furnace is new, or 20 years old, it still requires this kind of annual service to keep it performing at its peak efficiency. New furnaces are generally under a factory warranty, which will usually recommend yearly furnace maintenance to be proactive for any potential issues.

How can these types of furnace issues be avoided so my home heating system works at its best?

Some of these issues that can be avoided by having the system checked, such as a dirty flame sensor or maybe a dirty blower, can both will lead to a premature failure of those components. On older furnaces checking the combustion chamber, burners, and heat exchanger can be critical to catch a failure that may lead to dangerous carbon monoxide entering your home through your ducts! Everyone has heard of the dangers of carbon monoxide, and routinely having your furnace heat exchanger checked can ensure that you and your family remain safe through the cold winter months.

The typical lifespan for a furnace can be 15-20 years. And with regular furnace maintenance you can help ensure you see the full life out of your home heating system. So remember to change your filter every 30-90 days and call The Barton Boys to help keep the rest of your system running in tip top condition! We are a complete HVAC contractor offering regular weekday service calls and after-hours or weekend emergency service to keep your home comfortable 24 hours a day.

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