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Benefits of Improving Energy Efficiency In Your Home & The Avista Natural Gas Line Excess Allowance Program

Current HVAC promotions in the Spokane area that will save you big money include Bryant rebates that can get you thousands of dollars back on your heating and cooling system purchases.  In addition to Bryant rebates, Avista is also offering rebates that improve the energy efficiency in homes for less. Learn more about the LEAP Program here!

If you are ready for an energy efficient air conditioning system in your home, contact The Barton Boys for all of your HVAC needs!  We can service and install the complete line of Bryant cooling products as well as energy efficient Avista air conditioners.  Contact our team today for an estimate!


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Staying Cool By Checking Your AC

Staying Cool By Checking Your AC

With the first hot days of summer coming up, it is important to make sure your air conditioner is working optimally. Spending a little time checking on your AC will not only help you stay cool, but also save you money on electric bills. Follow these few tips to help you stay cool this summer. Remove Any Cover Is your AC unit outside? Many households own AC units that reside outside, meaning they cover them in the winter months to keep snow off and forget to remove the cover in the spring. This cover needs to come off when the machine is in use, as extra weight on the machine will cause strain and a loss in efficiency. In fact, any obstruction should be cleared away from the AC. With outside units, this means sticks, bushes or dirt getting in the way of the ventilation. Simply clearing the way will help the unit operate more efficiently. Replace the Filter Every AC unit, whether outdoors or indoors, has a filter. Each day these filters pick up more debris than you would imagine. Extra debris in the filter will eventually cause the filter to tear, releasing debris into the system causing the machine to work less efficiently. Experts recommend that a filter should be changed monthly in peak seasons. Contact The Barton Boys with any questions on how to replace your AC filter. Clean the Inside The inside of the AC unit should not be neglected. Simply using a soft brush or vacuum on the inside of the unit will help the unit stay in good shape. The water pan is... read more
The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

Why is indoor air quality so important? Winter is coming and now is the time to think about your indoor air quality. Did you ever think the air inside your home could be more contaminated than the air outside? It can! During the summer months we have dust, smoke, pollens, and other air born particulates and allergens that can clog up a filter or your air conditioning coil. But in the winter we leave our homes closed up to the outdoors, which can create an even worse environment with all of these same pollutants as well as cold and flu viruses. During the winter months we leave windows and doors shut so we can heat our homes, but this can create a petri dish of bacteria and viruses right along with a noticeable buildup of dust and pet hair. Because your home’s heating system moves this air around throughout your home it’s critical to look at what you use to filter your air. Ductwork off of your central HVAC system can be cleaned professionally to remove years of build-up and aid in cleaning your indoor air, usually every 7-10 years is recommended. Periodically cleaning the grills and registers throughout your home can also help reduce transmission of dust and dirt into your system. Whatever does make it into your ductwork will then have to be captured by your filter. The average throw-away paper or mesh filter has about a 30-90 day lifespan. They typically carry a M.E.R.V. (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating anywhere form 4-10. The MERV rating is a standard for measuring the effectiveness of an air filter... read more
Tankless vs. Traditional Water Heaters

Tankless vs. Traditional Water Heaters

Which Hot Water Heater is Right for your Home? Hot water and how it’s heated is not something you typically think about during your day-to-day activities, however when you don’t have warm water for your bath, shower or even dish washing, you certainly realize how important it is to a comfortable home. Water heaters typically come in two varieties: tankless and traditional holding tank. A traditional hot water heater consistently heats water to a set temperature in a large tank so that it is ready for usage.  In comparison, a tankless option heats water on-demand as water flows through various pipes to its final destination. Many proponents of tankless heaters use them because of energy efficiency. Here are a few considerations that might help you determine which type of water heater is best for your home. How Much Does a Water Heater Cost? Traditional hot water heaters generally cost about half of what you would pay for a tankless variety.  Additionally, tankless heaters might require additional remodeling and retrofitting if you are putting them into an existing home. This could include additional plumbing and electrical work, which will add to the higher up-front cost of the unit.    While tankless units might cost you up-front, they will save you money down the road. According to Energy.gov, homes that use tankless water heaters may be up to 34% more energy efficient than traditional hot water heaters. How Much Space Does a Water Heater Take Up? Tankless hot water heaters are about 3ft tall by 1-1/2ft wide, making them easy to install in a small space such as a utility closet. This makes... read more