4 Heating System Tips for More Efficient Performance

4 Heating System Tips for More Efficient Performance

According to the Department of Energy, your heating system uses more energy than any other system in your home. In fact, it typically makes up approximately 42% of your electricity bill. Your heating systems can include furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and more. They need just a little attention on a regular basis to keep them running efficiently and safely. Below, we will show you a few heating system tips for more efficient performance that are quick and can save you big.

1. Clean, Clean, and Clean

It’s no secret that your system runs better when it’s clean. A dirty heating system needs more energy to work, which can lead to premature failure. One of the first steps in keeping your heating system efficient is to replace or clean your filters as recommended by the manufacturer. You can do a simple visual inspection of your filters to ensure they have not become clogged. You may also clean baseboard heaters, registers/air ducts, and radiators as needed. Be sure none of your equipment or outputs are blocked by lighting, furniture, drapes, or flooring.

2. Feel Free to Open Doors

Closing the doors to unused rooms in order to save energy is a common misconception in heating system tips. Due to heat’s tendency to flow from warmer to cooler areas, your colder rooms will actually draw the heater’s warmth from the rest of the house. This results in your property needing as much or more energy to heat the entire area. We at the Barton Boys even design our heating systems for the whole home, and shutting doors interrupts the unit’s intended on and off cycle.

3. Catch Leaks as Soon as Possible

We can’t say it enough: Be on the lookout for any potential leaks in your heating, especially gas powered units. A few ways to know include but are not limited to:

  • Check for pungent, gas smells. Gas smells alike for a reason: in order to warn you of its presence. Call your gas provider immediately if you suspect a leak.
  • Install gas leak detectors near your heating system. Many of these detectors can be plugged into an outlet and can detect everything from carbon monoxide to liquid natural gas. We recommend doing this for every floor on the property.
  • Be aware of any cracked or damaged lines running to or from your unit. No matter what they are carrying, they can be everything from toxic to wasteful and are best to have professionally checked out immediately.

4. Get a Professional

We recommend having your HVAC systems inspected once a year for just these reasons. This is true for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. At the Barton Boys, we serve Spokane, the Spokane Valley, Hayden, and Coeur d’Alene with their heating system needs. Contact us today for more.