When is the Right Time to Replace Your Furnace

We are often asked about furnace replacement, specifically, “how do I know when it’s time?” The question has two important elements: Cost of a new furnace vs. cost of furnace repairs and the lifetime of a furnace.

Here is what we recommend:

  1. Have a furnace inspection and test performed annually.
  2. If your furnace is over 12 years old, its lifespan is getting short and repairs over $500 generally are an indication that’s it’s time for replacement.
  3. If a major component is failing on an older furnace, replacement is recommended.
  4. Generally, you can count on a furnace depreciating about $300 per year. Factoring $25 into your monthly budget will make the expense easier to manage when replacement becomes necessary.

If your furnace hasn’t been inspected or tested this season, call us today.