Smart Thermostats Are A Smart Idea

With all the buzz about connected, or smart, homes Wi-Fi thermostats have been getting plenty of attention from manufacturers and homeowners. We think they’re a great idea for a couple of reasons.

The major benefit is convenience. With remote access to your heating and cooling system your home will be comfortable at precisely the right time. If you’re out of town and forget to adjust the thermostat before leaving, it’s easily adjusted when you’re away and can be returned to normal just before
returning home. Plus, it can alert you to system problems in your absence.

The other benefit is cost savings. Many thermostats now offer an energy conservation analysis. One study showed a saving of 20% is possible. Several models will respond to your daily activity and adjust the temperature accordingly.

There are a number of factors to consider including price and compatibility. We carry and install several brands and will be happy to help you upgrade your home to a smart home.