Tankless vs. Traditional Water Heaters

Tankless vs. Traditional Water Heaters

Which Hot Water Heater is Right for your Home?

Hot water and how it’s heated is not something you typically think about during your day-to-day activities, however when you don’t have warm water for your bath, shower or even dish washing, you certainly realize how important it is to a comfortable home. Water heaters typically come in two varieties: tankless and traditional holding tank. A traditional hot water heater consistently heats water to a set temperature in a large tank so that it is ready for usage.  In comparison, a tankless option heats water on-demand as water flows through various pipes to its final destination. Many proponents of tankless heaters use them because of energy efficiency. Here are a few considerations that might help you determine which type of water heater is best for your home.

How Much Does a Water Heater Cost?

Traditional hot water heaters generally cost about half of what you would pay for a tankless variety.  Additionally, tankless heaters might require additional remodeling and retrofitting if you are putting them into an existing home. This could include additional plumbing and electrical work, which will add to the higher up-front cost of the unit.   

While tankless units might cost you up-front, they will save you money down the road. According to Energy.gov, homes that use tankless water heaters may be up to 34% more energy efficient than traditional hot water heaters.

How Much Space Does a Water Heater Take Up?

Tankless hot water heaters are about 3ft tall by 1-1/2ft wide, making them easy to install in a small space such as a utility closet. This makes a tankless heater ideal for modest homes or those lacking a lot of storage or basement areas.

How Long Will My Water Heater Last?

The lifespan of a traditional hot water heater is 8 to 12 years.  However, with normal usage, a tankless model can last up to twenty years.

Will a Water Heater Affect My Home’s Value?

While there is no conclusive evidence that a tankless heater will increase the value of your home, it is important to remember that energy efficiency is a key selling point for many homebuyers. So while you may not get more money for your home, it might tip the scale in your favor or decrease the number of days your home is on the market.

There are benefits to both traditional and tankless hot water heaters.  It is important to consider your needs when making this decision. Contact the HVAC professionals at Barton Boys if you have questions.

The Barton Boys are the region’s only Factory Authorized Bryant Dealer

The Barton Boys are the region’s only Factory Authorized Bryant Dealer